The Four Seasons

I don't like summer
Sometimes it's too hot
There's lots of bugs
And I mean a lot

I don't like fall
'Cause everything's dying
I wish I could go
Where monarchs are flying

I don't like winter
No need to explain
If you like winter
You lack a brain

I don't like spring
Because it's too fickle
Like women I've known
Who weren't worth a nickel


The news is so depressing
It's frightening and what's more
I can't find salad dressing
At the grocery store


I'm thankful for the sun
Though looked at from afar
When all is said and done
It's just another star

I'm thankful for my friends
Though few and far between
I see them now and then
Though some are best unseen

I'm thankful for my health
This truth shan't be deferred
Far better it than wealth
Though both would be preferred

I'm thankful for my cats
Except for one, you see
For, if it could, I'm certain that
She'd stick a knife in me

I'm thankful for the coming year
Though surely filled with dread
Better to be suffering here
Than suffering with the dead

© 2024 by Maurice Mattei
All rights reserved.