Translated by Maurice Mattei

In 2000 - five years after his death - I found my father's written account of his life. I thought he had given the only copy to his sister in Italy but, apparently, he had only shown it to her and then kept it for himself. I was looking through what remained of some of his possessions when I came across a folder containing the manuscript.

My father had a minimum of education in Italy and what I've read of his writing thus far is plain, simple and unpretentious. The text is written in a rudimentary Tuscan Italian dialect and, as far as the translation itself, I have tried to remain as loyal to the actual wording of the manuscript as possible. Therefore, you will notice that there are many imperfections and contradictions in the writing. I did not want to change this because I feel that the work is unique and effective as it was originally written. I will occasionally embellish the writing by providing explanatory notes to elaborate on obscure passages or to clarify certain phrases that may be unfamiliar to some readers. These notes will be italicized and placed in brackets.


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